Why we love the Carlsbad library

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When I first started to stay home with the kids and got into a routine and felt confident to get out of the house with two kids, I wasn’t sure where to go. Where would I take two kids? Have something for both of them to do? And not feel totally overwhelmed??

A mom I met at the park mentioned the Carlsbad library and off we went that week.

Before Kiddos, I LOVED to read. I would devour  books in a night but then life happens and a book has not been read in a few years. I really want my kids to love reading so I was excited to check the library out. The library is a great fun way to introduce your kids to books and the love of reading.

So here are the top reasons we love going to the library each week:
1) Weekly puppet show; this is a totally free puppet show with a story time and a few songs the kids get to sing to. It is only 20 minutes or so just the right amount of time for the kids to be entertained but not lose it…It can get crowded and you need to get there a little early to get a ticket to get in (tickets are free)
2) The garden in the back of the Dove library location. Behind the kids area of the library is a nice garden. It has a gazebo to sit under, grass for the kids to run around in and is perfect to bring your sack lunch to for after the show or just some outside run around time for the kids while you get to meet a few new moms.
3) You can check out a ton of books for three weeks at a time and let your childs imagine soar; they email you two days before they are due so no worrying about missing a return date.
4) They have a GREAT children’s program for all ages. Weekly baby rhyme time, toddler and preschool story time as well as programs for older children.
5)Recently discovered for my husband who commutes to work; you can check out e-books totally free, online at home once you have your library card. Makes commuting a lot more manageable.
6) Special events each month celebrating holidays
7) Everyone who works in the children’s section is amazing. They are all extremely helpful and make the library experience a great one for the kids.
8) Free coloring sheets and crayons for the kids to draw with
9) It is all free! Gotta love that. (with the exception of the coffee cart outside that will make you a nice warm caffeinated drink; but that is well worth the money)
http://www.carlsbadca.gov/services/departments/library/about-us/pages/dove-library.aspxreading pic