Books to love

Read Everyday

We love to read in our house and I always love to find out about new books that other moms love or that have helped them.
We have been big on reading to our kids since they were newborns and we still read lots of books everyday. It is a nice break and makes us all sit down and relax for a few. We read every night before bed too (a good way to help us all settle for the night!). I’ve used books at different times of  the kids lives as well to help them deal with a change or something that is bothering them.

These are a few of our all time favorites and ones I love to give as gifts for new moms or birthdays:

On the Night You Were Born
Nancy Tillman is quickly becoming an author we love. Her books are simple, brilliant and beautifully illustrated.
On the Night You Were Born by  is simple, precious and is wonderful for a baby shower or birthday gift. It has a great line ‘that celebrates the one and only you’ that will make your child feel special every time you read it. We have been literally reading this every night in our house the last few weeks.


Love You Forever
My next favorite is a classic… If this book doesn’t get to the heart of how much we love our children at every stage of life then I don’t know what will. It is hard not to tear up reading this one. It is such a simple book with such an amazing message to parents and children alike. My kids go for this one often at bedtime.


Are You My Mother?
Our next one is so fun and a classic. It is simple and has a cute storyline. It is one my kids love to now “read” to me as they have memorized it. The baby bird is born and sets out to find his mother who has gone to get him food. With a fun happy ending it leaves the kids with a reassured smile each time.





Blogs to love



I love to sit down, relax for a few and read away… here are a few fun blogs I have grown to love!

They are feel good, uplifting and fun.

The first one is
Rachel is the mama behind this blog and her posts are always down to earth and seem to strike a chord just when I need it. She aims to live a hands free life and focus on what truly matters. If you feel rushed or like you just aren’t connecting with what really  matters you will love her inspiration. Her posts are heartfelt and help you stop and savor the life that you have. They have truly helped me to stop and be more present with my kids; maybe not every time as I would like but she has made a big impact on the way that I parent. She has a recently published book as well that I just started and is just as great.

Another blog I love is
This is a fun site created by a mom of 6 and designer. She does fun home tours, birth stories, crafts section and more. The home tours are my favorite and I love getting to see a glimpse into another moms home and life. It is a refreshing and fun site. Always upbeat; worth a look at!

What blogs do you love?
Which one seems to brighten your day, make you smile or are fun to read?

Welcome to my site

Baby hands

Hello and welcome!Baby hands

I am so excited to get this site up and running. Since becoming a mom four years ago and a full time stay at home mom when my second little one arrived, I have felt there is something missing in the mom world. I felt like there was no great resource where everything you needed was in one place. I started to work on a site for that and then life happens and we unexpectedly moved across the country to NYC and I realized what one truly needs; a good friend.

I am hoping to put information on here that may help you in one way or another. A great book, a tip that helps you out, but also a place to share your knowledge with other moms and maybe help them out too. One small insight from another mom or friend can be life changing for someone else.

We have recently moved across the country to NYC with two toddlers. So I will be sharing some of my life adventures and looking to build a place where moms can come to chat, get ideas and just support one another. Something I never realized how much a mom needs until the last few months, a friend and some support. So come along! I hope to share my life and get to know more about yours too!

I am excited to take this journey and would love for you to join me!