About Me


Hello and welcome!

My name is Sara, I am the wife to an amazing husband and mama to two incredible young children. I was in banking for a long time before becoming a stay at home mom after my second child was born. I am now getting a chance to venture into the world of mommy hood while also pursuing some long held dreams of my own as well. But more on that later.

I love to cuddle with my kids, play, dance, get outside and enjoy time with my family every chance I get. We were blessed to live near San Diego and loved all the area has to offer. Then my husband got an offer to work in NYC and we decided to make the move.

I had created this site to get all the resources a mom could need into one place. No more searching all over the place for what you need; my goal is to get it all here for you and make your life just a tab bit easier; hopefully giving you more time to enjoy the little ones and things in your life! And while this is still a goal of this site, our move has also taught me a lot about support and love and just how much a mom needs that. So I hope that this site can provide that for you and offer you a peek into our journey as well.